Provider FAQ

What are providers?

Providers are a way for you to integrate your website with Boxcar. There are two kinds of notifications - broadcast notifications, and individual notifications. Individual notifications are best used for action items, such as when a users comment is replied to. Broadcast notifications send the same message to every Boxcar user that has subscribed to your provider.

Can anyone create a provider and have it show up in Boxcar?

Anyone can create a provider, but providers must be submitted for approval prior to it being available for all Boxcar users.

How do users find out about my provider?

Once approved, your provider will be available to all Boxcar users. You may link directly to your provider using a link like: "boxcar://provider/9", which if followed on an iPhone will open Boxcar directly to the screen to add your provider.

How do I integrate with Boxcar?

View our provider API documentation and get busy!

What happens after I send a notification?

If the user has chosen to allow it, Boxcar will automatically redirect the user to the URL of your choice. That URL could be a website, or a link to your app on the users device.

Is Boxcar only available for the iPhone?

Yes, Boxcar is currently only available for the iPhone. We are working with outside partners to bring Boxcar to Android and Windows Mobile. Android support is expected to be at some point in the near future.

How does a user login to my website, through Boxcar, so I know who it is?

Boxcar offers in-app setup through the use of a webpage. Your website will receive various parameters when the user requests the page, which can be used to identify whom the user is. Please see our provider API documentation for additional details on the parameters.

Integration Screenshots

Provider_api_inbox_tab Provider_api_no_webview Provider_api_one_link Provider_api_webview Provider_api_add_service