Boxcar sends notifications to your iPhone from a variety of different services

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    • Appointron512_normal_48


      Appointments need reminders! Your customers can schedule appointments easily on your site or blog.

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    • Logo_512x512_normal_48


      Receive notifications from CurdBee both when an invoice is viewed or paid, and when an estimate is viewed accepted.

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    • Diskheartbeat256x256_normal_48

      WindowSMART 2013

      WindowSMART 2013 is a hard disk and solid state disk health monitoring, reporting and alerting utility for Windows that can notify you by email and on your mobile device when unhealthy disk conditions are detected. Don't be left in the dark about a disk!

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    • Icon-store_normal_48

      WWDC Update Notifications

      Receive notifications any time Apple's WWDC page content changes. Notifications are posted any time the page changes, regardless of what kind of change was made. If this helps you get a ticket, feel free to buy @atomicbird a drink at WWDC.

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    • Icon512x512_normal_48

      Boxcar Updates

      Notifications for new Boxcar providers, announcements, etc.

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    • Icon_normal_48


      Lets an iPhone/iPad developer drag-and-drop their newly-built iOS App and, via Dropbox and the push notifications of Boxcar, have the App installed and running on your device with just a couple of taps.

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    • Ur-icon_normal_48

      Uptime Robot

      Free website uptime monitoring service that you can add up to 50 monitors and they will be checked every 5 minutes.

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    • Icon_normal_48


      Free e-mail tracking service. Notifies you on real-time when your e-mail is being read. Tracks recipient physical location, read duration, OS, browser and more!

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    • Index_normal_48


      Push notifications from the IFALife forums, where thousands of IFAs and Financial Planners network, access IFA support services, share best practice, debate industry issues, find RDR help, find IFA jobs, get help with Social Media marketing and help.

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    • Transparent-red-circle-hi_normal_48


      Outdated, do not use.

    • Doggy_normal_48


      Don't miss a message in your postbox. German mobile service for dog owners.

      Add DoggyTreff
    • 1c7fdb74-fd48-4891-be64-23ef6e613f9e_normal_48


      Schedule Tweets from ANY Twitter client. Get notifications via Boxcar of your scheduled tweets. Written by @jasonkneen

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    • Plug spy boxcar icon_normal_48

      Plug Spy

      Plug-Spy is an instant warning system for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

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    • Appsalesicon512_normal_48


      Sends notifications when new sales reports are available in iTunes Connect.

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    • Leafping_icon_normal_48


      LeafPing is for Envato Marketplace authors that want sale, referral cut, and comment notifications sent to them via Boxcar.

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    • Head-hq_normal_48


      Receive notification from your SickBeard installation.

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    • Apple-touch-icon-precomposed_normal_48

      Firmware Releases

      Receive notifications when a new version of Apple's iOS is released.

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    • Hub-boxcar_normal_48


      Get notifications from your Hub. Download available at

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    • Logo_blanco_cuadrado_13_normal_48


      DMs for users

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    • Touch-icon-512_normal_48


      Get an instant notification when there is a problem with your website.

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    • Couch-512x512_normal_48


      Receive notification from your CouchPotato installation.

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    • Rec_apps_normal_48

      App Recommendations

      Personalized app recommendations. Apps we think you might like.

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    • Inboxwood_normal_48

      Email Account

      Get updated instantly whenever you receive a new email. It's a real timesaver.

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    • Facebook_icon_512_normal_48

      Facebook Account

      Messages for your new Facebook Mail and whenever anything else happens.

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    • Daily-fortune-square_normal_48

      Daily Fortune

      Magically get a daily fortune every day. It's just like cracking open a delicious fortune cookie without all of the unnecessary calories.

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    • Twitter_512_original_normal_48

      Twitter Account

      Get messages for Mentions, DMs, Retweets, New Followers, Favorites, Added to List, and your complete Timeline.

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    • Google_voice_512_normal_48

      Google Voice

      Google Voice messages for SMS and voicemails.

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    • Github_512_normal_48


      Feeling out of touch with your code? We've got commit notifications!

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    • Omgfacts_83_normal_48


      The #1 Fact Source on Twitter

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    • Growl_256_normal_48


      Find out when things happen on your computer.

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    • Trackertwitter_normal_48


      Provides notifications on World of Warcraft raid progress and other events relating to your favorite guilds and characters.

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    • Itunesartwork_normal_48


      Manual de Java en espaƱol. Aprende java desde cero, con nuevos temas de forma frecuente.

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    • Snarl_normal_48


      Receive notifications from Snarl

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    • Investorpa_normal_48


      Delivers Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and New Zealand Exchange (NZX) company announcements. Sign up for a free account at

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    • Transrss_normal_48


      TransRss. Notify when a torrent is added to transmissionbt. (eventually also when the torrent is done downloading).

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